The irony of starting over.

In a fit of irony, considering I have trashed and re-created countless times, today’s post is about starting from scratch, and the perilous journey that awaits those who choose to do so.

I also just wrote about three paragraphs of what turned out to be incredibly preachy and ho-hum advice. I started over. Irony++.

Short story is… starting over can be good, but a blank slate can wind up much more daunting a task than just fixing what you had before. Relationships, houses, cars, jobs, websites (wink wink)… they all get to a point where you just want to dump it and start over. Sometimes it is a good idea, sometimes it is a huge mistake.

If you’ve got a website that’s been online for years and years… starting over is a pretty bad idea. Same goes for relationships, houses, and cars. They’re all going to hit a point where you just want to drop it like it’s hot and never come back. But the thing is… you almost always regret it.

Take some time and think about the history of the thing – what it has taught you, what it has helped you become, what your life would be like if it never happened. Maybe it still has something to say? Maybe there’s another chapter you haven’t yet flipped to? Give it time, give it love, give it hope.

This website is fresh start. My life is all but a fresh start. With these powers combined, I give you “Ink Blots and Thoughts” – my latest endeavor to uncover truth, humility, humanity, and love.


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