2017 WordPress Theme Review

Every time a new WordPress theme has come out, my response has been something akin to “oh, that’s nice” and I have moved on. The 2017 is the first time I’ve actually been excited about the default theme.

I tend to want to be fairly minimal for my personal site, and the default themes up to now have been too minimal for my tastes. With 2017, I feel like this theme finally matches my personality and the feel that I want to present on my this site. The full page feature image is very nice and forward. I’m lucky enough to have a great photo that was taken by Hooton Images as part of their L’homme Barbu photo series.

The new customizer in 4.7 is very nice as well. So far I haven’t used it much beyond setting up my images, but if this is the direction WordPress is going to be taking to improve the usability of the admin interface, I’m definitely a fan.

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