Blots, Pens, and Whatnot

If you noticed the tagline of my site “Ink Blots and Other Thoughts” you may be curious about the whole “blots” part of that. Short answer is, I have a slight obsession with fountain pens.I bought my first fountain pen on eBay, it was a very cheap vintage Arnold pen. It’s a small, finicky, but very fun lever-fill pen that immediately drew me in. Next up were a few pens also from eBay, this time some cheap Jinhao new pens. For as inexpensive as they were, they write splendidly! One of them is my go-to writing pen around the house.

I’ve also commissioned a couple custom pens. The first one you’ll see in the picture here is a beautiful orange-tinted burled maple pen (far left). It’s pretty, solid, orange (my favorite color), and has a very nice magnetic cap. And, it writes like complete shit. It’s very fixable, I just need to order a new nib for it. I still love it and once I get it writing the way I want, it will be a dream. The second one is still on the way, I’ll post pictures when it shows up!

Anyone else enjoy fountain pens? Someone want to buy me a MontBlanc for Christmas?

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