Andy’s Essential Agile Reading List

I love books, especially books about Agile and Scrum. These are a few of my favorites - they have provided me with a ton of value and come highly recommended. I hope you enjoy them.

Note: These are indeed affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books I'll receive a small commission.

Essential Scrum

This is my Scrum bible. I refer back to it often, and whenever a new person comes onto one of my teams I give them a copy of this book. One of my team members once told me that this book "made everything feel better" when they were stressing about our agile implementation. If you only ever buy one book about Scrum, this is the one.

User Stories Applied

Mike Cohn's name is synonymous with anything Scrum-related, so right off the back you know this book is legit. User stories are the foundation - the heart and soul of Scrum. This book is all about writing them and writing them well.

Agile Estimation and Planning

Another Mike Cohn classic, Agile Estimation and Planning is the definitive guide to putting together and managing your backlog, and the perfect followup to User Stories Applied.

Coaching Agile Teams

This book. Oh my gosh. The raw, vulnerable, honest way that Lyssa Adkins writes about become an Agile coach is both refreshing and impactful. If you are responsible for the success of Agile, if you want to become an Agile coach, if you want the tools to find your truth and your own success - buy this book. Buy it now, and read it over and over again until it sticks. It's worth it.

Continuous Delivery

Jez Humble is a smart cookie. This book dives into the heart of why Continuous Delivery is such a smart way to approach DevOps and software development. Buy this book, watch his videos, and absorb as much of this as you can so you can push your teams to truly achieve it.

Agile Testing and More Agile Testing

Testing and QA under an Agile/Scrum environment can be tricky, especially if your operations has dedicated QA resources that need to be incorporated into your Agile team. These books will walk you through how to make testing a part of your Agile delivery. I liked the second book more than the first, but you'll probably have a hard time with the second book if your didn't read the first one - so I recommend you buckle down and get the set.

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